June 21, 2024


The Chronicle – St. John’s Newsletter

March 2024 issue – Click here to download pdf file


We are looking for newsworthy information about our members, student achievements (academic, sports, etc), testimonies, new member introductions, church ministry and auxillary updates, recipes, photos, in memoriams, wedding anniversaries, and inspirational poems and stories.

Submit newsletter items typed in Microsoft Word (or the body of your email) electronically via church Facebook page message or email to:  info@stjohncogicquincy.org.

Please do not plagiarize (cite your sources).

Submission deadline:

April 11

Next publication date: April 21

Newsletter Committee


Sister Ceci Bell

Assistant Coordinator

Missionary Pat Green Smith


Sister Marilyn Shaw

Sister Annie Goldwire

Sister Sabrena Bouie

Youth Writers/Contributors

Elder Nicolas Robinson

Evangelist Sandra Robinson

Sister Jana Price


Missionary Pat Green Smith

Sister Ceci Bell

Church Contact Info

3490 Bainbridge Highway

P.O. Box 568

Quincy, FL 32353