June 21, 2024

Pastor McCloud

Dr. Ronald McCloud, Superintendent Big Bend District COGIC

The Pastor, Dr. Ronald L. McCloud, is a son of the church. Since the inception of this church in the St. John Community over 63 years ago, he has been here and served faithfully from childhood until now.

Dr. Ronald McCloud considers himself fortunate to have as his spiritual father, the late Bishop E.L. Sheppard, Founding Pastor of St. John Church of God in Christ. He attributes the current work and vision to his mentor. Bishop Sheppard labored in this community over 37 years as pastor of the St. John Church of God in Christ. Upon his death, the work passed on to Elder McCLoud.

This young man is inspired by God. He was officially appointed as pastor on February 14, 1999. He claims no special talents but a love for people and a love for God. This love allows him to communicate to all as brothers and sisters. There are no big and small people in his eyes; we are all subject and seeking answers. God speaks to him mightly through his word for his people. The word of God opens up to Him for the people. His passion is teaching the word and watching the people grow.

He has been married over 47 years to a lovely woman, Jaunce Moore McCloud. This was God’s gift to him. She is a vital part of his life and ministry. Her encouragement helps provide balance to both the man and the ministry. They have raised three children. Their oldest son (Brian at 23) was killed in a car accident in 2000. But their testimony is that God is sustaining, through it all, He’s still God. Their children Laterrica and Christopher are growing by faith in the ways of the Lord. Family challenges have allowed the man to stay connected to God as his source and identify with the common person. Elder McCloud welcomes you to share and become a part of the St John family.